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Meet Ross the Mixologist

           After three years of extensive research and exhaustive testing, Mystic River Juice Company has set up shop! The road to arrive here was long and twisted, but it was a chance encounter started it all. A few years ago, before vaping was a hip scene, Ross saw his son blowing big rings and puffs of smoke from a vape mod. The wafting scent of sweet treats was just as intriguing to him as the vapor clouds. His son used the vape mod as a way to stop smoking, and was drawn in by the modern style. Ross saw something even more enticing; he saw possibilities.

           The Mixologist in him immediately visited a local vape shop and was obsessed with the vast array of e-juices on display. Testing 0 nicotine juices sparked his passion for the unique opportunities of vape flavor and he was hooked and left the shop with a vape mod and a dream.

            Through online research and mad scientist-style lab experiments, Ross got his hands dirty and gave DIY e-juice mixing a try. His background as a master photographer and an avid chef laid the groundwork, but nothing could truly set him up this new experience. This was new and wild. Who knew that you could cook with liquids and combine unique flavors to create something so vivid in a puff of smoke?

            Through a combination of the best flavors, the purest ingredients, and the work ethic of a determined, sometimes crazy perfectionist, Ross has created nirvana in flavor. Precise blends and exact combinations of flavors enhance each other to reveal something truly unique that you’ll have to taste to believe.


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