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Quitting Smoking

Posted by Ross Zanzucchi on

Here’s a handle on where to start!

     Firstly, You’ll need a decent vaping device. nothing too sophisticated, a small vape pen starter kit will do just fine. You can get a beefier mod kit depending how much you’d like to fiddle with it like building your own coils and changing the voltage etc. Do some research, you can have different experiences with different devices and coils. 

     Based on my experience, you're going to want to get a juice flavour of your choice in the highest level of nicotine offered and wean down from there. Mystic River Juice Company offers a 12mg nicotine level. This will do you just fine if you're currently a pack a day smoker or more. I recommend keeping vaping habits the same as your tobacco habits. For example, if you only smoke outdoors, on lunch breaks at work etc, do the same with vaping! After your first couple of weeks or after your first bottle, try going down to 6mg nicotine. Depending on the device, you may notice the weaker nicotine level, but just give it a day or two and you WILL adjust! Stay at this level a little longer than 12mg to allow more time for your body to adjust to the lower dose. When your ready go down again to 3mg and stay there for a little while longer than you did 6mg, again for your body to adjust to the lower level and wean down.

     Finally, when you are ready to go without nicotine, choose your favourite flavor, and opt for higher PG ratio in your juice, this will give a more satisfying ‘throat hit’. Hope this guide helps in your journey to quit! It is easier than you think!

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  • Some good advice…thanks for sharing.

    Jason on

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